Planet in Focus: International Filmfestival

Planet in Focus: International Environmental Film & Video Festival announces its 2006 CALL FOR ENTRIES. Planet in Focus is Canada’s most acclaimed international environmental film and video festival which will take place in Toronto, November 1 — 5, 2006. Our mandate is to produce an annual festival that showcases and promotes outstanding and compelling films and videos covering a broad range of environmental themes by Canadian and International filmmakers. As such, our mission is to promote the use of film and video across Canada and internationally as a catalyst for public awareness, discussion, and appropriate action on the environmental, ecological and social health of the planet. Recognizing that the ‘environment’ is contested terrain, both as a biophysical entity and as a philosophical frame, Planet in Focus invites submissions of films and videos, in all genres, that critically examine the concept of ‘environment’ and challenge current human/nature relations social environments, built environments, urban and rural environment. Our aim is to present varied cinematic approaches that help us expand our perceptions of what «environment» means. Special consideration will be paid to: · works that push the boundaries of the accepted notions of ‘environment’ · works that present cultural perspectives that are under-represented in Canada · works that give voice to authentic regional and cultural perspectives from around the globe · works that inspire, entertain and provoke audiences · works that fit our 2006 spotlight «Toronto in the Moving Image: From the Dawn of Cinema to the Present» as outlined in the submission form · works that have their World or Canadian premiere at Planet in Focus: International Environmental Film & Video Festival FINAL SUBMISSION DEADLINE MAY 15TH, 2006. To submit a film or to discover more about the festival please visit:

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