До 3 августа 2014 года открыт прием заявок на премии по экологической журналистики

Награды Азиатской экологической журналистики открыты для граждан азиатских стран. Церемония награждения,  состоится 7 января  2015  в   Сингапуре, которая  направлена на признание и поощрение передового опыта в области экологической журналистики на всех уровнях общества. SEC является неправительственной организацией воспитания, содействия и координации экологической вызывов в Сингапуре.

Срок подачи заявок: 3 августа 2014 Для получения дополнительной информации, пожалуйста, посетите сайт: http://www.sec.org.sg/aeja/overview.php

The Asian Environmental Journalism Awards is open for Asian country nationals. The award ceremony to be held on 7 Jaunary 2015 is the Singapore Environment Council’s (SEC’s) program that aim to recognise and reward excellence in environmental journalism at all levels of society.SEC is a non-government organization nurturing, facilitating and co-ordinating environmental causes in Singapore.


1.       SEC-CDL Environmental Journalist of the year – AEJA Trophy + SGD$3,000 Cash Prize. Rewarding professional, student or citizen journalists who have established an outstanding body of at least 5 environmental articles from 4 August 2013 and 3 August 2014.

2.       SEC Young Environmental Journalist of the year – AEJA Trophy + SGD$3,000 Cash Prize. Rewarding outstanding and promising work by young environmental journalists from across Asia.

3.       SEC-Coca-Cola Environmental Story of the year – AEJA Trophy + SGD$3,000 Cash Prize. Rewarding outstanding journalistic qualities in covering an environmental issue in and about Asia.

4.       SEC-Sky Creation Design Environmental Blogger of the Year – AEJA Trophy + SGD$3,000 Cash Prize. Rewarding passionate citizen journalists who sustain meaningful online dialogue about environmental issues in and about Asia.

5.       SEC-CITIC Telecom International Environmental Photograph of the year – AEJA Trophy + SGD$3,000 Cash Prize. Rewarding high-quality environmental photography across formal and citizen-driven mediaplatforms.

6.       SEC-Lee Foundation Excellence in Environmental Reporting by a Media Organization – AEJA Trophy. Rewarding media organizations for a consistently high performance in covering environmental issues in Asia.

Eligibility Criteria

        Applicants must be citizens of any Asian Country, who write about an environmental issue taking place in Asia and Journalists of any nationality, who have been living and working in any Asian Country for a minimum of one calendar year before deadline.

        Category 1 Award, is open for all professional journalist.

        Category 2 Award, is open for journalist between 18-27 years of age currently working in (or former intern) recognized news organizations.

        Category 3 Award, is open for professional journalists whose articles in environmental issues must focus in Asian context and must have been published in an officially registered media avenue.

        Category 4 Award, is open for Asian citizens or individuals based in Asia who maintain a public blog in which they write about environmental issues on a regular basis.

        Category 5 Award, is open for professional and photojournalists.

        Category 6 Award, is open for accredited media/news organizations outreach strategies including marketing activities and use of social media.

Supporting documents to be submitted (not limited to) – letters of recommendation, other works of journalism or blog, correspondence addressed to applicant, reports on sustainability initiatives undertaken by individual or media organizations.

Deadline: 3 August 2014 For more information, please visit Asian Environmental Journalism Awards Overview.

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