Тренинг «Продовольственная безопасность горных районов»

IPROMO (Международная программа по научным исследованиям и подготовке в области устойчивого управления горных районов) приглашает пройти тренинг по теме «Продовольственная безопасность горных районов».

Организаторы: Секретариат Горного Партнерства в ФАО, Университет Турина (факультет сельского хозяйства), Миланский университет, Мминистерство иностранных дел Италии. Тренинг на английском языке, с 23 июня по 3 июля.

The eight IPROMO Course — the training programme on sustainable mountain development — jointly organized by the Mountain Partnership Secretariat at FAO, the University of Turin, Faculty of Agriculture — Department of Protection of Agroforestry Resources and Centre of Excellence «Mountain University»   (DISAA) University of Milan, with the high patronage of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The theme this year is Food Security on Mountain Areas ”.

Food insecurity is possibly the main threat faced by mountain peoples and one of the main obstacles to achieve sustainable development. Even though mountains often house freshwater, agrobiodiversity and livestock that can contribute to food security, for millions of people who live in mountain areas, hunger and the threat of hunger is a daily reality


It will focus on several features of food security in mountains, looking at the prevailing mountain economic systems, the impact of global changes, the role of soils and water, gender, governance and land tenure issues, just to name a few.


As EXPO2015, whose focus is on nutrition, will take place in Milan, the participants will spend a day visiting EXPO and taking part in an event called “Rural mountain: worldwide EXtraordinary Potential”. The closing ceremony of the course will also take place at EXPO2015.


The course will run from 23 June to 3 July 2015 with 10 days of full immersion learning. It will include lectures, practical work and excursions. The course will be held in Ormea and Edolo (Northern Italy) and will be in English. The provisional programme is attached and the instructors  will include a mix of university professors, FAO officers and colleagues from regional or international organizations dealing with sustainable mountain development.


About 30 professionals will be admitted to the course and preference will be given to participants coming from countries and organizations which are members of the Mountain Partnership. This course is geared towards technical officers, hence applicants from the academic world will not be given priority. Participants from developing countries are encouraged to apply.


The total cost of the course (inclusive of full board, accommodation, taxes, teaching equipment, internal transfers but excluding travel costs) is 3,000 Euros. Please note that scholarships will ONLY cover on-site costs (lodging and tuition) and are available for  participants from developing countries. Travel cost will not be covered.


Excellent knowledge of English, a university degree preferably in a technical area such as Agriculture, Forestry, Biology, Geology or Geography, and relevant work experience are prerequisites.


Those who are interested in participating can register online at http://www.mountainpartnership.org/ipromoform/subscription/en/#c61810

and upload their curriculum vitae as a Word or PDF file.


Applications should be sent by 31 March 2015 and applicants can expect a reply by end of April 2015.

Rosalaura Romeo
Mountain Partnership Secretariat

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