VI Ministerial Conference "Environment and Development” of Asia-Pacific region, Astana, 2010 "Zhasyl Damu" — "Green Development"

From September 27 to October 2, 2010 in Astana, in the Palace of Independence, the Sixth Conference of Ministers of Environment and Development (MCED6) of Asia-Pacific region UNESCAP will be held.

The Conference‘s primary goal is to integrate environmental and economic policies for the sustainable and effective development of the Asia-Pacific region.

The Conference will be attended by officials from ministries of the environment and economy, government officials, representatives of the business community, science, international organizations and representatives of civil society and the media.

The main organizers and partners:
• Official secretariat of the MCED6 Conference Astana 2010 — UNESCAP
• The National Secretariat of MCED6 — MOEP of the Republic of Kazakhstan, CAREC
• Development of national documents of the MCED6 — UNDP in Kazakhstan
• Holder/organizer of side events and exhibitions at MCED6 — CAREC
• Organizer of Business Forum and co-organizer of the exhibition — Kazakhstan Business Association for Sustainable Development (KAPUR).

According to the Director of Environmental Policy and Development for the Asia-Pacific region, representative of UNESCAP Shaoyi Lee, current discussions are on the agenda of the Sixth Conference. «We will discuss the principles of environmental research, natural resource use, development of a new paradigm based on principles of lower greenhouse gas emissions. We will also address issues of green urban planning. With regard to the expected results of the Conference, we hope that we will take the Astana Ministerial Declaration, that will be signed not only by environment ministers, but also by the ministers of the economy. The Declaration intends to make environmental commitments and obligations to promote the principles of environmental protection and sustainable development «, he said.

Along with the official part of the event, planned activities include a Business Forum, the Civil Society Forum, related side events and exhibitions. All activities supported by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, CAREC and KAPUR will be held under the auspices of the concept of green growth, i.e. eco-efficiency and environmental sustainability of economic growth, thus stressing the importance of the participation and support from all public bodies, private sector and civil society.

The Conference of Ministers of Environment and Development in the Asia-Pacific region has been held every five years starting from 1985. This international forum is a platform for the assessment of sustainable development, to identify prospects and regional priorities, and to agree on actions in response to the challenges associated with global and regional environmental problems.

The Fifth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Development of Asia-Pacific region was held in Seoul in March 24-29, 2005. The overall theme of the conference was «Achieving environmentally sustainable economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region.» The ministers of environment and development of Asia-Pacific countries supported the idea of environmentally sound growth to ensure and enhance synergies between the three pillars of sustainable development, namely: economic growth, social development and justice, and protecting the environment. The Conference was attended by over 1200 representatives from 52 Member States and associate members of ESCAP.

Detailed information about the Conference will be available on the conference web site, from 20 April, 2010. Registration of participation in the exhibition and related events at the site will commence from April 26th and will last till July 30, 2010.

Additional information about preparation for MCED6 and the outcome of the Advisory Council will be regularly posted on website:

Contact information:
Maria Genina, Information and Capacity Building Programme Manager
Tel: +7 (727) 2785110, 2785022, 2296646, 2292619 / ext. 140, fax: +7 (727) 2705337

Dina Nassyrova, PR Specialist, Information and Capacity Building Programme
Email: , ext. 143

Tatiana Shakirova, CAREC Co-ordinator of the VI Ministerial Conference
Email: , ext. 120

Veronica Yudina, CAREC Co-ordinator of the VI Ministerial Conference Side Events
Email:, ext. 181

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