National Ecological Forum of representatives of Kazakhstan Civil Association will be held in Almaty on January 16-17. Its theme is “Society, environment and stable development”. The forum is aimed to develop strategies and working plan for next years, discuss technological and procedural questions of partnership and successful cooperation. It will lay the foundation for union of Civil Association at sub-regional level, common principles of partnership. The participants of the conference are to work out agenda of scheduled 2006 sub-regional forum of Central Asia countries and its national position on program actions and their coordination and confirmation at sub-regional level.

The forum is also aimed to activate young generation, contribute to creation of movements of young leaders and their participation in national and international ecological processes. The work of the session will be divided into the following thematic sections: water resources, biological diversity and desertification, ecological education and preparation of young leaders, industrial and household waste, ecological tourism, power (including atomic), legal ecological issues. Following results of the conference its participators will put forward delegates to sub-regional forum of representatives of Central Asia Civil Association. Source: The Times of Central Asia, 3.01.2006

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