Семимесячная программа лидерства в Индии (обучение на английском языке)

The world needs great leaders, and social change projects need the best leaders possible. We at Kanthari in Kerala, India, deeply believe that overcoming adversity in life is what plants the seeds for great leadership.

So, we have developed a very practical, 7 month leadership program with a difference; one that is geared specially for people with big dreams and passion; people who have overcome difficult times; people who want to help others in their struggles, or develop other solutions for our world problems.

We invite participants from all over the world, and with all levels of education to bring their dreams and motivation;
International experts (catalysts) conduct hands-on, practical workshops to help bring those dreams to reality.

We hope that you will help us to pass the word to those who you believe will benefit from this important program. Perhaps either you or your colleagues have a dream you would like to realize; we encourage you to apply.

Perhaps you can share your own experience, expertise and skills as a catalyst! Perhaps you would like to help in some other way!

What is most important is a sense of ownership, motivation, creativity, and passion to make the world a better place; the strength to be forces of good, not victims of circumstance.

Please click here to download a brochure in your preferred language

Apply at http://www.kanthari.org/

Scholarships available for participants in need.

Kanthari — International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs and Change-Makers
Trivandrum, 695020
Kerala, India

Phone: +91 471 2395677

Mail: office@iiseconnect.org


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