Товары из Азии для Кореи

Друзья из Кореи ищут товары из Азии которые производятся бедными или экологические товары произведенные собственными руками для продажи в Корее, если кому интересно связывайтесь по контактам ниже.

I’m Erica Yoon from Korea Green Foundation. (KGF)

KGF is searching goods made by the poor or women for their livelihood in Asia, like fair trade items.
The goods are not made by big companies, also we hope the goods are eco-friendly and to help people in need, Asia.
Clothes, bags, accessaries, soaps, handcrafts and chocolates etc, anything is considerable.

If your organization knows or does some work related to these kind of goods, please let me know.

We want to know the price, and get a sample.
After we see all conditions, we want to income some into Korea, and sell them through our ECO-Shop to Korean people.
Our 2 Eco-shops are in big department stores and we want to introduce these goods and other Asians’ life and culture to Korean.

Thanks a lot.

Erica Yoon


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