Фауна и Флора Интернэшнл ищет стажера в бишкекский офис

Даты стажировки: с 08/08/2016 по 08/02/2017
­­­­­­Стажер получает возможность работать в качестве интегрированного члена команды FFI Кыргызстан, будет осуществлять вспомогательную роль в рамках программы, участвуя в различных этапах управления проектами, а также в тесном сотрудничестве с Директором FFI Кыргызстан. Интерн должен иметь соответствующее образование, хорошее знание английского языка, опыт работы не требуется, но является преимуществом.
Интернатура преследует три основные цели:


Fauna & Flora International, Bishkek office is looking for intern.
Dates of internship: 08/08/2016 to 08/02/2017
Location of Internship: (City, Country) Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
The main aim of the internship is to provide an early career Kyrgyz conservationist with the opportunity to work as an integrated member of FFI Kyrgyzstan team, gaining exposure to the day-to-day workings of an international conservation NGO, with on-the-job training and networking opportunities. The intern will undertake a supporting role within the programme, engaging in various stages of project management and delivery, and working closely with the FFI Kyrgyzstan Director to undertake specific research to broaden the scope of projects of benefit to the programme depending on his/her skills and interests. The intern should have corresponding education, good English, working experience is not required, but is an asset.
The Internship has three main objectives:
1. To assist with the delivery of current projects, primarily the fruit and nut threatened tree and forest conservation project and snow leopard survey project.
2. To research topics on which the team requires more information.
3. Scope and research potential new areas of work.
The intern will provide assistance in project coordination, logistical and technical support activities and administration and reporting. The intern will be working closely with the FFI Kyrgyzstan staff and partners in the organisation and implementation of the activities. The intern will be supervised and mentored by Jarkyn Samanchina, FFI Kyrgyzstan Programme Director for daily activities in the office and general programme activities. The intern and supervisor will have regular fortnightly meetings to discuss progress, forthcoming activities and any issues arising. In particular these meeting will be an opportunity to discuss the research actions where the intern is working more autonomously. In addition the Internship will be overseen by the Eurasia Programme Manager based in the UK. The intern will be paid according to his/her skills and scope of work.
The interested candidates should send their CVs with a cover letter to:
CC to:
Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to interviews.

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