Конкурс «ИКТ для горного развития»

Международный Центр по интегрированному горному развитию (ICIMOD) проводит конкурс «ИКТ для горного развития», приурочив его к Международному Дню Окружающей Среды, который ежегодно отмечается 5 июня.

Как сообщили в ICIMOD, премия «ИКТ для горного развития» вручается за инновации, использование и применение информационных и коммуникационных технологий, которые помогают в продвижении горного развития и в охране окружающей среды. Более подробную информацию об условиях конкурса можно узнать на сайте центра : www.icimod.org/ict4md

Подход «ИКТ для развития» широко используется во всем мире, в том числе и в странах региона Гиндукуш-Гималаи. Тем не менее, еще нет общей картины того, насколько широко применяются эти технологии в условиях горных экосистем. Организаторы надеются, что конкурс «ИКТ для горного развития», который станет ежегодным, позволит устранить этот пробел и можно будет получить четкое представление о том, где, как и какие именно технологии используются в регионе на благо горных сообществ.


Все формы ИКТ (мобильная связь, радио, Интернет, цифровой контент, блоги, мультимедийные ресурсы, и т.д.), имеющие отношение к горному развитию и к охране окружающей среды в регионе Гиндукуш-Гималаи принимаются для участия в конкурсе.


ПобедителиконкурсабудутобъявленывМеждународныйДеньГор 11 декабря 2014 года. Победителибудутнаграждены призами и дипломами.


В конкурсе могут участвовать все желающие из разных регионов мира с условием, что проект или представленная на конкурс работы релевантны к условиям региона Гиндукуш-Гималаи.


Заявки будут приниматься до 31 октября 2014 года on-lineпо ссылке submissions.


Call for Participation: ICT for Mountain Development Award 2014  (10 June 2014)


About ICT for Mountain Development Award 2014

On the occasion of the World Environment Day (WED), ICIMOD  is pleased to launch the ICT for Mountain Development Award  that recognizes innovations in information and communications technology for Development (ICTD) that can help promote mountain development and environmental conservation. The award(s) will be announced on International Mountain Day (IMD), 11December 2014.

Although ICT for Development is increasingly being used across the world, including in some parts of the Hindu Kush Himalayan region (HKH) , we do not yet have a comprehensive picture of its use, application and proliferation in the mountain context of HKH. The annual ICT for Mountain Development Award  would allow us and others working in this area to learn where, how and what is being done in the region in terms of ICT and mountain development. It will also help different thematic programmes build partnerships and support each other’s work in the region using ICT as an added enabler for mountain development. The award reflects the importance ICIMOD places on this emerging area of ICT for Development and gives continuity to ICIMOD’s efforts in this area.


Through this initiative, key institutions and development practitioners in ICT for Development in the region can also be identified. Submissions from the applicants will bring to light the creative potential within the ICT for Development sector and enable us to share and promote good practices for the benefit of mountain communities. The award will thus have a positive multiplier effect.


A panel of judges will select winners/awardees after an initial screening and evaluation process. Each awardee will receive a prize and a certificate of recognition.



  • To recognize innovations in ICT for Development that can promote mountain development and environmental conservation;
  • To identify key institutions and practitioners working in ICT for Development and help build partnerships through ICIMOD’s regional programmes;
  • To showcase and share innovative work being done in the interest of mountain communities.

Basic Criteria

Awards will be given based on the content and creativity of the submissions. The chief criteria is that such ICT for Development initiatives have been applied  in the HKH region, have a clear focus on mountain development or mountain environment, andhave made an impact on the ground. All forms of ICT (mobile, radio, Internet, digital content, blogs, robotics, multimedia, etc.) are eligible for submission.

Award Categories

Awards will be given in a number of categories. For this year, there will be awards in the current four thematic work areas of ICIMOD (livelihoods, water and air, ecosystem services, and geospatial solutions). There could also be other categories such as ‘audience choice award’ and/or ‘special mentions award’. While the applicants are required to choose one of the broad categories, including ‘others’, they can focus on a specific work area while making the submission, e.g., mountain agriculture, disaster management, forestry, environment, mountain tourism, open data, inclusion, etc. The same work cannot be submitted in multiple categories.

Start and Closing Dates for Submission, Award Announcement Date

Applicants will have to submit their work electronically through a web-based interface. This is a free and open call. There is no fee to enter a submission. We will accept submissions from the day we call for applications (5 June 2014, World Environment Day) till 31 October 2014. A panel of judges will select winners/awardees after an initial screening and evaluation process. The winners/awardees will be announced on International Mountain Day (IMD), 11 December 2014.

Who Can Participate?

The call is open to anyone residing in any part of the world as long as the project case/work is relevant to the context of HKH. Individuals, entrepreneurs, development practitioners and institutions are all eligible to submit their work.


Submission Form and Basic Guidelines

  • Kindly go through the information provided above before filling the form.
  • Please ensure that the information you have provided is accurate and up-to-date.
  • It is recommended that you fill in all fields.
  • After filling out the form, if you want to share a presentation/video clip about your project, you can email it toictmdaward@icimod.org mentioning the project name.
  • Irrespective of the language used in the project, all information provided must be in English.
  • Incomplete forms will not be considered.
  • All entries have to be real products or solutions that have already been implemented. No drafts, demos or unfinished projects/work will be considered.
  • ICIMOD, as organizer, reserves the right to reject any submission/entry without assigning any reason.



For further information contact:


International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)

P.O. Box 3226, Kathmandu, Khumaltar, Lalitpur

Phone: 977-1-5003222; Email: info@icimod.org; www.icimod.org

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