Международная конференция UNESCO по проектам в области образования

Дедлайн: 15 августа 2017 года

The UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development приглашает принять участие в международной конференции под названием «Transforming Education Conference for Humanity» (TECH) в партнерстве с правительством штата Андхра-Прадеш в Вишакхапатнаме, Индия, с 16 по 18 декабря 2017 года. Конференция также поддерживается правительством Индии.

TECH приглашает представить проекты в области образования, которые могут быть представлены в различных форматах (групповые обсуждения, семинары, электронные плакаты, зона обучения и многое другое)

Финансовая помощь (стипендия) для участия в конференции может быть предоставлена кандидатам из развивающихся стран.

TECH намерена объединить педагогов, исследователей в области образования, специалистов-неврологов, специалистов в области edtech, политиков, студентов, экспертов в области игр, дизайнеров учебных программ, молодых социальных предпринимателей, экспертов в области технологий и футуристов, которые могут помочь в создании, расширении и внедрении цифровой педагогики.


The UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP) is calling for proposals for its international conference titled ‘Transforming Education Conference for Humanity’ (TECH) in partnership with the State Government of Andhra Pradesh in Visakhapatnam, India from December 16 – 18, 2017. The Conference is also supported by the Government of India – Ministry of Human Resource Development.

TECH invites submissions for proposals on the following themes that can be presented through a variety of formats (panel discussions, workshops, e-posters, learning zone and more..):

  • 21st Century Skills: The skills needed to address the challenges of the 21st century will be very different from the skills prioritized over the past six decades. New challenges in a rapidly changing world will require new skills for success. The advancements in the digital world have played a key role in shrinking the world and connecting societies in ways never seen before in human history. The conference focuses on exploring how digital pedagogies actually improve the efficiency of learning using the vast amount of big data and information available. In addition to improving numeracy and literacy through critical thinking, new competencies to meet 21st century challenges include social emotional skills such as mindfulness, empathy and compassion. Please apply now if you have something to say in the following areas:
    • Digital Games, pedagogies and assessments
    • Fostering Social and Emotional Learning
    • Multimodal digital platforms for Design Thinking and systems approach to learning
    • Artificial Intelligence in learning
    • Augmented and virtual reality as digital pedagogies
  • 21st Century Schools for Inclusive, Equitable and Quality Education: Technology offers a great possibility to make learning bespoke. Every individual learns differently, some more common than others. Digital pedagogies offer the possibility of designing the future school, in which students are provided an environment where they are able to build their own lesson plans and advance at their own speed and comfort. Advances in the use of big data and multimedia to design lesson plans offer customized attention to each learner. Please apply now if you have ideas on the design of future schools along the following themes:
    • Technology enabled innovative tools for screening, assessment and measuring outcomes
    • Teacher training and capacity building for inclusive education through digital platforms
    • New Technology Applications in the classroom
    • Traditional Education vs. digital education and its Integration
  • 21st Century Policies for the implementation and mainstreaming of digital pedagogies in educational systems: Governments around the world have invested an enormous amount of resources and efforts into ICT in education in order to reform their informal, formal, and non-formal education systems. If you have worked on the implementation and mainstreaming of digital pedagogies, do submit your proposal on any of the following themes:
    • Best practices and models in policy development, financing and delivery
    • Community based approaches in informal and non-formal education systems
    • Intellectual Property Rights and digital pedagogies
    • Regulations and management of digital resources and the Internet

Apply Now!

The application process requires interested individuals to complete and return the Application Form along with their proposals / presentations to tech@unesco.org

Submission Guidelines:

  • The title of the proposal should convey the exact topic and its content.
  • A brief yet detailed description of your session covering the subject, objective and proposed outcome.
  • The method you use to deliver your presentation must align with one of the session formats
  • Please also submit a brief bio of the presenter and co-presenter.

All of the above must be submitted to tech@unesco.org by (11:59 p.m. Indian Standard Time) August 15, 2017.

To download the Application form, click here.
To download a detailed Call for Proposals document, click here.

For further details on TECH, click here or write to tech@unesco.org

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