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Федеральное министерство окружающей среды и безопасности ядерных реакторов Германии, Международная Климатическая инициатива (ICI) объявляют конкурс на гранты для поддержки проектов по смягчению последствий изменения климата и адаптации, а также проектов в области биоразнообразия, которые имеют связь с изменением климата.

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Germany’s BMU (Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Safety) funds the International Climate Initiative (ICI) to support projects on climate change mitigation and adaptation, and biodiversity projects that have climate relevance. Most projects are led by German and international organizations with partners in developing and emerging countries. Grants are generally over €200 thousand, and sometimes much larger, for projects that are usually two to four years. The closing date for project outlines is 09 January 2013. Link
2013 selection procedure

Outlines for projects beginning in 2013 may be submitted electronically to the e-mail address of the Programme Office until 9 January 2013. Project outlines which arrive after the deadline cannot be considered. Please note that there is a new version available of the template for the project outlines. Please submit your project outlines in the updated format only; you can download the template on this website!

Template project outlines (please use the excel file you can work with best):
for Excel 97-2004: Excel-Document, (323kB)
for newer Excel versions: Excel-Document, (233kB)

These project outlines will be assessed as a single batch in 2013. When the evaluation process is completed we will request those with promising outlines to submit a formal application for support, for which a special form will be provided. The decision on support will then be made on the basis of BMU’s final review of the formal application (second stage).

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