Летняя программа лидерства и обмена экологическим опытом

Летняя программа лидерства и обмена экологическим опытом. В этом году тема связана с водосборными  бассейнами – озеро Тахо (США), Байкал (Россия), река Селенга. Обучение на английском языке.

The 2012 Summer Environmental Exchange

We will still be accepting applications for the 2012 Summer Environmental Exchange (SEE) Program for another 3 weeks. This year we will have a 9-week long, experiential, place-based, watershed education and leadership development program hosted at the watersheds of Lake Tahoe in the USA and Lake Baikal in Russia, and at the Selenga River, Lake Baikal’s upper watershed, in Mongolia. The program’s primary themes are watershed protection, sustainable development, and cultural exchange, lest you forget. It will bring together young, environmental leaders from North America, Russia, Mongolia, and other parts of the world to study environmental science, policy, and management at these two superlative lakes.

As you know, the SEE program has helped to produce hundreds of young environmental leaders around the world. You just so happen to be one of them. Other alumni like yourself are now working in diverse fields including transportation planning in Lake Tahoe, sustainable farming programs in rural villages of Cameroon and maintaining the health of the Selenga River Watershed in Mongolia, to name a few. In order to continue this trend, we need to get the word out to as many potential applicants as possible—this is where you come in!

We would greatly appreciate it if you could pass on this information about our unique interdisciplinary program to your family, friends, colleagues and anyone else you may think would truly benefit from this experience.  Whether they are still studying, majors ranging from bio-chemistry to environmental studies to Russian, or if they are young professionals in numerous applicable fields, they may be an asset to the program and through that, to the management and preservation of Lake Tahoe and Lake Baikal. As an alumna of this program, I can say that I learned more than I can put into words during my participation, and it was the turning point in my future professional career. I hope that you likewise had a very positive, beneficial and meaningful experience. We want to positively affect as many young leaders as possible! Our application numbers, like in the last few years, are on the lower side, so please help us recruit more applicants to make the 2012 SEE just as memorable and amazing as your experience, if not more

The application deadline is February 7th, but any applications received beforehand will be evaluated on a rolling basis.  Spaces are limited so applicants are encouraged to apply early. Application materials can be found on our website at www.tahoebaikal.org.

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