Internet Access for Environmental NGO's in Kyrgyzstan by Satellite!

Bishkek, March 20, 2006

Mission accomplished : Internet Access for Environmental NGO’s in Kyrgyzstan by Satellite!


Despite the fact that about 90% of Kyrgyzstan was celebrating Nooruz (Islamitic New Year / Spring feast ) Milieukontakt Bishkek Office established successfully one-way satellite connection. This type of connection will solve the connectivity problems, faced by NGO’s in rural areas. Now these NGO’s can have full highspeed internet connections for reasonable prices without being dependent on DSL availibility. Two-way satellite is licenced by Kyrgyz Telecom who monopolizes the market. Milieukontakt intents to support Regional Access Points (RAP) to provide internet access for the environmental movement.

The setup was coordinated by Riny Heijdendael from Milieukontakt, together with local experts in satellite communication technology.

Friday, march 24, local specialists from all regions in Kyrgyzstan will gather in Bishkek for a training in the setup and deployment of this kind of infrastructure.

The setup has been performed with the cooperation of : Yamal, Raduga, Elkat, Saimanet, Technisat, Twinhan, Eurasiasat.

Internet access is crucial for the delivery and exchange of information about environmental issues. One of the internet centres that will use this kind of connection will be situated in Mayluu Suu. At this location the Worldbank finances the 7 M USD Worldbank on rehabiliation of radioactive waste, and Environmental NGOs intend to actively monitor this project. Internet access is a key requirement in this process.

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