Invitation to the Young Masters Programme on Sustainable Development (YMP) Teacher Webinar on December 6th!

On the 6th of December YMP will organize a free webinar (on-line seminar) aimed at high-school teachers and anyone interested in knowing more about the YMP. Please feel free to circulate this message in your network.
The YMP is a tool that offers a unique global learning experience. The programme has been developed by Lund University, Sweden, and is distributed in partnership with UNESCO. It is available to all schools worldwide for free. So far 22 000 students in 113 countries has participated in the course.
The YMP connects youth from around the world, while building understanding and cooperation about global sustainability issues. The programme is open to 16-18 year old students and their teachers.
Read more about the YMP at
YMP Webinar on Tuesday 6th December, 12:00 & 17:00 & 23:00 CET
Following this webinar you will discover:
What’s beyond e-learning – the fundamentals of crowdlearning
How the YMP platform works in practice – a YMP demonstration
How to engage your students through a participatory learning method
An easy way to tap into knowledge and perspectives of students globally
How to make sustainability fun and interactive for everyone involved
YOUNG MASTERS PROGRAMME on Sustainable Development

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